Medical Translation Services

European language Translation and Transcription

We understand the delicacy in the case of medical issues and that is why we have a whole process of the selection of the medical translators, as we know the critical nature of this field. We take into consideration only those people who are the pass outs from recognized and good medical institutes. Various translators and experts who have done their PHD and M.D.S in Medical Sciences carry out our translation services.

Our proficient medical translators are there for translating psychological evaluations, scientific terms, assessments, and medical reports. The range of medical translation services includes:

  • Medical : General
  • Medical : Cardiology
  • Medical : Dentistry
  • Medical : Health care
  • Medical : Instruments
  • Medical : Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical studies
  • Informed consents
  • Amendments to protocols
  • Drug information sheets
  • Questionnaires
  • Product information and description
  • Analysis reports